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What You Do


1) One person needs to be designated the videographer of
    the trip.

2) You should try to have one digital camera in every  
    group so that every foursome is represented.  An
    alternative is to capture all of your foursome shots
    before or after the round.

3) When your trip is complete, e-mail me your order, with
    any special requests, I will send you a pre-addressed
    shipping box that will be insured for $2,000 with all of
    the necessary packing materials. 

4) You will use this box to ship me your camera, power cord,
    digital tape and digital still CD.

5) Within 48 hours, I will download all of your digital
    photography into my computer and return all of your

6) One month from my receipt date, I will call you to let
    you know that I have finished your project.

7) Once I have confirmed payment by major credit card 
    or cleared check, I will federal express your
    completed DVD.