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What We Do


1) I will send you a box, with all of the necessary packaging
    materials included, return postage pre-paid to me with
    insurance to $2,000 intended for your video camera,
    power cord, recorded tape and a CD of all of your digital

2) I will download your digital video and still photography
    into my computer and return your camera, power cord, 
    original tape and picture CD via federal express within 
    48 hours.

3) I will edit all of your photography and accompany it with
    music, supplementary photography and other special
    effects including; golf course architectural history,
    US/World course ranking, hole names etc. to create the
    story. (See the Golf DVD Movies button for examples)

4) I will provide you with a DVD that is limited to no more
    than one hour in duration.

5) All of the content will be kept strictly confidential.

The Bottom Line
I am a golf fanatic and a former collegiate player so I know
what your are looking for and know how to make everyone
look good.