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Photography Tips


1) As mentioned in the what you do section, only one person should be designated
    as the videographer.

2) Don't record golf swings, as you won't have the time and most swings just aren't
    that good.

3) Take your lead from my examples under the Golf DVD Movies tab, record:

    - Your send off if it's from a central point.
    - The scenery from your jet window as you see the country side for the first time. 
    - Beautiful scenery from your bus, a landscape, a cityscape etc.
    - Pan slowly at 20% of your instinct, dwelling on areas of interest 4 times longer
       than your instinct.
    - Don't feel the need to do a lot of commenting on scenery, zero is best, let the 
      scene do the talking, I'll annotate in special comments.
    - Introductions of your friends is appropriate, one day you may forget their 
    - If your walking into the clubhouse, video the walk in. 
    - Even a small videography effort is well worth the time invested, take it from me, 
      during the photography you may hear complaints, but the finished product
      will make everyone glad they invested the small amount of time.

4) From a digital still photography standpoint I would have one person in every
    group carrying a a digital camera. In this way, everyone will get represented in
    the DVD movie.

5) Be sure to photograph with the sun at your back so that the sun is shining on
    everyone's face.

6) It's OK to shoot a couple of outstanding holes with no one in the foreground, I
    sometimes will use these as the lead in shot for the movie.  The above shot is 
    the 15th from Ballybunion Cashen.  

7) Try to capture bar and restaurant scenes, photograph golf swing setups and 
    follow through positions.  If you miss some hole shots because of weather etc.
    don't worry, I'll try my best to supplement them as I have digital access to most 
    of the great golf courses of the world.  Make sure that you label your digital
    photography well, example Pinehurst #2 - Hole #1, Cypress Point Club - #16 etc.